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ink-painting art

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ink-painting art
The eighties generation: emergence
The emergence of this “Chinese painting” art painting concept in the beginning of the 20th century is based on the awakening of a defensive consciousness, a way to define individual/ego identity. It appeared as an answer to “western culture” and an attempt of differenciation from the way the act of painting is considered “over there”. nba jerseys The emergence of “Modern chinese painting” in the eighties equally took western modern art as an object of comparison. Chinese painting thus entered a process of open mutation caracterized by mechanisms such as “receiving”, “adopting”, “evolving”, “digesting” and swiss military watch “structuring”. The experience of the eighties is an outstanding example of high-speed cultural evolution, and a source of endless questioning. It feeds speculations about the position of china in worldwide economic and cultural strive for self-definition, in generalized chaos and identity cocktail dresses loss; but it also rises the question of cultural preservation and of opening to hypothetical new subcultures.Speculative thinking is caracterized by a high degree of uncertainty, it lies out of our sphere of control. Therefore are contemporary artists brought back designer wedding dresses to everyday experience, since we can face only effective problems that need to be solved in a pragmatic and runescape gold immediate way. To “first” look for a conceptual solution for today’s open speculative questioning is an open way to perpetual wow power leveling doubt and its subsequent paralysis.As testimonies of the mutation process and fertile experimentation of the eighties, it seems that elder Chinese painters bear some natural duty in today’s quest for identity and “values of normality”.


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